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In the module Web Technologies I learnt about how websites are created and developed. The topic consisted of developing websites through the use of VB.NET, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This covered the basics from template creation to developing log on scripts that connects to servers for authentication. I have previously designed and developed my own website in the past and this allowed me to already know the basics of HTML and CSS.

At first I was learning about HTML and CSS and linking them together. I am able to create my own elements like divs and span. After I have created these I am able to place them anywhere on the screen by using the positioning that comes with CSS. I can create a website based on a template that has been drawn up. Also I am a comfortable developer of HTML and I prefer to work in a text environment such as Notepad++ but I can also work with Expression Web, Visual Web Developer and Adobe Dreamweaver.

From then I learnt about creating dynamic websites. I was developing server side websites and this means a website that requests dynamic data that has been processed by a Web Server. I have already done client side dynamic websites at college so learning server side websites allows me to incorporate all these elements together.

I was developing websites in ASP.NET and this allowed me the use of the .NET Framework. This makes web development much easier as it comes with libraries built into the system. I have already done Windows Forms development and this is similar as ASP.NET. I am able to create a template using master pages and then keep the website looking consistent by having the entire same layout on every web page.

I used various server side tools including cookies, sessions, query string databases and XML. As the internet is stateless data is needed to be passed from one page to another. This is done with many technologies that I have listed above. I am able to create logon scripts that checks with a database. I then used some JavaScript to perform some client side validation which takes some stress off the server.