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Unencrypted portable storage devices pose a threat to security as they could contain data that is private. The reason why people use portable storage devices are because they offer high capacity and low costs. As these devices can contain gigabytes worth of data, if these devices were lost then this could cause privacy issues and even breach data protection acts. There have been various news articles about lost hard drives, USB pen sticks and CD-ROMs containing government files and company data. Most portable storage devices do not include encryptions therefore the data that is carried around with the user is insecure.

Users are aware of encryption but they are not aware of encrypting their portable storage device. This project looks at existing encryption applications that are available and researching into their positive and negative features. A common theme amongst existing applications are that the application had to be installed, therefore users must install this application on every computer to retrieve their data. A solution was developed so that a portable application can provide encryption to every device without requiring an install.

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