Open Source Systems

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In the module open source systems I have learnt both the practical with using open source software to the theory. I am now a competent user in open source software and this module has taught me the skills to using the Linux operating system. I enjoy using open source software and now I fully support open source and promote it when possible.

I know the alternatives to using propriety software and the open source versions are just as good. The alternative software that I know is not just word processing and image editing, I am able to name open source server software. I am a user of much alternative open source software.

I have the understanding of the Linux command line and with this execute programs by just typing commands into the user interface. I am able to work with the graphical user interface that comes with Linux but I always like to learn so most of the time I work in a shell environment. I am able to write my own Shell Scripts and I do this to automate my commands and also to branch my scripts so that certain events only happen if a condition has been met.

I have learnt about the various open source licenses such as the Apache License, GNU GPL, Mozilla Public License and the BSD. With this I can explain what software is best suited for the license. I understand how support is given in the open source community. Whether it is using open source software or debugging there are always people from across the world that are willing to help a person out.

Also I have learnt about the Governance that the open source community follows. This is where developers have to keep any existing source code available and open source. I know how Linux was first created and then many developers put their own time and effort into the operating system to get to where it is today.