Network Management

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Network Management followed on from the previous years networking, taking the skills that I learnt in the first year allowed me to progress quickly through this module. This module gave me further experience in Cisco IOS , configuring both routers and switches. This module was practical and all labs was completed on the equipment and not simulation tools, therefore giving me more experience in setting up and managing networks.

This module further my knowledge in subnetting and designing a VLSM scheme for an office that did not waste IP addresses but allowed room for growth. Configuring both a LAN and WAN shown me how networks communicate between the two, NAT was used to translate the public and private addresses so it could be routed out towards the internet.

I understand how VLANs and VLAN routing works and I can configure both router on a stick and routing via a layer 3 switch. I configured various routing protocols such as RIP V2, EIGRP, OSPF (inter area) in this module and BGP and IS-IS in my spare time. I have purchased my own Cisco Equipment so I can configure this at home and I am currently working towards my CCNA.