Mobile and Web Technologies

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Mobile and Web technologies taught me how to develop applications for mobile devices, This module also improved my ability on Apple Mac’s as I had to develop an application for Iphones. Taking what I already learnt from programming from my many years’ experience in software development meant that this module was enjoyable as I would be developing applications for smartphones and tablets. As these devices have limited resources I learnt how to perform concurrent processes on IOS and how to write code that performs well.

This module also taught me MVC and how to split code from the user interface and the model. The model is the class that is representing the object, the view is the user interface and the controller is how both elements interact with each other. MVC is a huge part of IOS and also, I learnt how to configure web services in NodeJS and MongoDB, My application connected to a web service as this would take the heavy lifting off the application.

My application was a subnet calculator as this is a helpful tool that can be used by students in various computing degrees. A webservice was wrote in PHP which calculated the subnet mask and this would return the result in JSON format. Another webservice was used to check if domains are available and this would allow users to check for available domains.