IT Professionalism

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IT Professionalism was a module that was about being an IT professional and how to be more of an academic. I am able to perform research into a topic by using various Journals, Conference Papers and Research Papers. From this I can write about a topic and use academic research to back up my article.

I am now an IT Professional and fully understand the many laws that govern the use of computers, such as the computer misuse act and the data protection act. I understand that a career in IT has many ethical issues and this is where different people have their own personal opinion on that issue. I am able to reference authors in the Harvard referencing style and this allows me to incorporate their findings in my work by citing the author that have wrote an article that I have used.

I have learnt about personal development and this has enabled me to set goals for my self and which I can see if I have met them. Personal development is important, as there as always to improve my self I can set tasks and give my self a suitable time scale. Also I am able to work with deadlines by using tools such as Gantt charts and this allows me to set various deadlines including personal development and academic development.

This module has increased my presentational skills. My assignment was to do research on the company KPMG and perform a presentation about what do they do and who are they. This was a fun assignment as it enabled me to do some background research into a company. Being great practice for applying jobs and it is important to find out some information about the employer.