Data Analysis

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This module consisted of various topics of mathematics. Throughout the year more I learnt more formulas and how to calculate various equations. I now know how to calculate and convert between number systems which are necessary for understanding how computers operate. From there I recapped on GCSE maths with calculating fractions and algebra. With learning algebra I am now able calculate more complicated equations and these include both quadratic and Simultaneous.

The topics that I have also learnt are dealing with statistics and this has allowed me to calculate all of the various elements including mean, mode, range, median and the standard deviation. I know how to calculate probability. Whether it is simple chances of something happening or calculating permutations and combinations or various probability distributions such as the Binomial, Poisson or normal distribution

I am able to calculate vectors and matrices. These include addition, multiplication or the determinants. I am able to determine if the outcome will be valid or invalid before I start any calculation. The last topics what I learnt in Data Analysis were the fundamentals set theory and logic and with this I am able to define sets and check if a combination of events is true or false.