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I own and run a web hosting business Configures, this is a family run business with my brother Ian Taylor. The skills that I have learnt from university and work has enabled me to run a professional business.

As a computer science Student, it has enhanced my love of computing and how computers work. During my first year I have learnt about many different elements of computing from the number systems that they were operating on and the many different licensing types that software can be released under. I have always had a passion for software development and my first language was Java. I self studied C# so when I started University I was already a competent developer of the language and during the progression of the year I have advanced my knowledge of C#.

The Open Source Systems Module has enabled me to learn about the concepts of Open Source Software, Licensing, Support, Various choice of software and the Linux Command Shell. I now have a passion for open source software, and I am a confident user in various open source software. With having a passion for open source software I would participate in the community in the near future.

I can program in many languages including Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C# and VB.NET. In my spare time I enjoy learning new Libraries and develop applications that use the libraries that I have learnt. At the moment I am researching into Desktop sharing applications. This involves viewing or controlling a desktop Environment from a remote location such as over a network. I have found some information about how to create the desktop Sharing application with help of the Windows Desktop Sharing API.

My Computing life is not just software development, I have skills in Computer and Network Configuration. I am capable using virtualization, and using different types of software on the market including Windows Virtual PC, Windows Hyper V, Oracle VirtualBox and VMware. With leaning these technologies I am able to set up Server/client Systems in a testing environment which is much cheaper than having multiple physical servers.

With virtualization I have set up many different servers including Web Services, DNS, DHCP, Authentication, Routing, VPN, File and Print servers. I have done these on both Linux and Microsoft Windows. The Linux servers that I have used are Apache, Bind, DHCPD, LDAP and Samba. Microsoft Servers I have configured are IIS, Microsoft DNS, Microsoft DHCP, Routing and Remote Access and Active Directory.

Networking has made me understand how packets are sent across a network whether it’s an internal LAN or an Internet WAN. I have linked together networking and virtualization, and with this I am now able to subnet networks and route data between them using various routing protocols. I then configured my DSL router to listen internally to RIP Version 2 requests and with this allowing physical computers to ping and send data to the virtual computers even though they are on a different IP classes and subnets.

People ask me to have a look at their computer if they are having problems. Some problems that have occurred are that the computers were freezing and having memory problems, I tested the RAM with Memtest86+ and discovered that there were a few bad modules. I am comfortable with configuring the BIOS whether its unlocking CPU cores, enabling or disabling onboard and dedicated PCI devices if faults occur. When Unlocking the Cores I had to put the computer under rigorous stress test to make sure that the computer was stable