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My main interest in life is working with computers, I enjoying using them and learning about new technologies. A Computer Science degree was a great choice for me as I am able to learn about various systems. I love developing software and problem solving logic. I enjoy experimenting with computers and configuring various types of server software.

When developing software I enjoy the testing stage as it allows me to check if the program that I have created, meets my planned requirements. I am devoted to fully testing my code and make sure that the programs expected actions meet what is actually happening. Even if I have to work with pen and paper I will not stop till I am satisfied with the final outcome of my test documentation.

At home my life still involves computers as I regularly like to think of new projects that I can work on. Whether it is a new application, website or something else I like to keep my mind stimulated by deciding how I would go about the new project. If I decided to go ahead with a new project I would create a detailed plan of this and then make a final decision about starting the project.

Outside my computing life I love travelling and going abroad. I have been to many places in America including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Chicago, Honolulu Hawaii and Orlando Florida. I have been various places in Europe and my ambitions are to travel the world.

Also I enjoying playing video games, this has made me a competitive person. My favourite genres of games are Action, Adventure, Sport and Racing. I am a regular online gamer and I am always determined to come first place.

I am passionate about music and like to attend concerts. I regularly listen to classic rock and heavy metal music. I have seen a number of artists live which include Def Leppard,Whitesnake, Motley Crue and Rod Stewart.