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My current aim is to learn about network programming as this will help me when I am developing my desktop sharing application. Learning this will enable me to set up an automatic scan for devices on the network. Once the scan has been completed it would return a list of all available devices that it is able to connect to.

I will learn this along with my studies; I will have regular evaluations of my progress to see if I am meeting my requirements. When the goal is completed I will be able to comfortably develop various network applications using the built in libraries.

This goal I have set is attainable as I have already got experience in various programming languages. This will allow me to learn new libraries that I can put into my applications. I have done some research to what the libraries include, and purchased a book that teaches network programming in C#.

Learning network programming is important to me as it will enable me to link into my project idea of developing a desktop sharing application. This will search for clients on the network that have the correct ports open so that they can be connected to.

I have set myself a time of 6 months to complete this goal. I think this is a suitable time scale as I will be studying this along with my degree. Setting this amount of time will allow me to concentrate on both tasks without it becoming too much work.