Future Plans

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I know that five years time will be soon here and that’s why I think it is important to set myself goals. With this I know that in five years I will be able to look back and think about what I have accomplished. I have always had an interest in computing, and with the skills I have learnt at university I will be able to take them into industry. My ambition is to become a professional software developer.

I like to push myself at every opportunity that is available to me. With this I will be able to continue learning new experiences along the way. I choose to follow my values allowing me to become a much better person. I know that setting goals is important to both personal achievement and academic achievement.

I see myself volunteering my own time to helping out the open source community by participating in various open source projects. I think open source software is important to both personal and business use as this can save the user or company the cost of purchasing licences. I will increase my knowledge of the Linux Operating System by taking the higher level LPI exams.